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DMG is capable of delivering trailers to specified locations for customers. Customers may designate any location within the continental United States for delivery.


Our rental program is the best option if you have short-term trailer needs. Whether you choose to rent by the day, the week, or by the month, our rental services provide you with maximum flexibility for occasional and seasonal needs. With our flexible rental arrangements, there are no early termination charges.

Daily Rates 

48' and 53' Flatbeds Starting at $25/per day
48' and 53' Dry Vans Starting at $25/per day
Chassis Call for pricing

Weekly Rates **

48' and 53' Flatbeds Starting at $140/per week
48' and 53' Dry Vans Starting at $125/per week
Chassis Call for pricing

Monthly Rates

48' and 53' Flatbeds Starting at $475/per month
48' and 53' Dry Vans Starting at $400/per month
Chassis Call for pricing

*  Subject to approved credit   

** weekends are included

Leasing is a great option if you are a frequent renter and/or keep trailers for an extended amount of time. Leasing a trailer reduces your utilization costs compared to short-term renting. For most companies, leasing some portion of your fleet and renting the rest provides a great solution to maximize utilization and bottom line. At the end of the lease, you pay back only the vehicle’s decline in value, the depreciation, while the trailer was in your possession.

Lease Purchase

Our lease purchase program differs from the standard lease program. Our lease purchase program includes a contractual obligation to buy the trailer at the end of the lease period. Your monthly payments will be applied towards the final purchase price of the equipment.  The final price of the equipment is set at the time you enter into the lease purchase agreement.

Insurance and a net maintenance agreement are required for rentals and leases.


We offer a no-hassle in-house financing program for both our new and used equipment purchases.  Our program specializes in tailoring customer financing needs.

Asset Management

As both a business and lessor, we know the value of equipment when the equipment is in use to generate revenue as well as working capital. For every minute that an asset is sitting, operating revenue is impacted; ultimately affecting the company’s bottom line.  Asset downtime can be very costly. Let us put your asset to use as part of our rental fleet or on consignment if looking to sell it.


Providing the right type of equipment along with the right quantities upon demand, whether for rent, lease or sale, is what DMG has identified and defined as one of our primary objectives. Conscious Flexibility must be “Flexibility without a large premium”, and with its achievement comes a fresh and exciting focus on DMG and how we rent, lease, sell and manage trailers. DMG has adopted the “Consultative Sales” approach to identifying and fulfilling our customers’ requirements. Consultative Sales involves the identification & resolution of challenges, which allows us to better manage the relationships with our customers. Learning as much about our customer’s business processes via research and strategic partnerships, DMG has positioned itself to fully develop creative solutions and streamline single sourcing objectives for our customers’ needs.

Physical Damage Waiver
Our Physical Damage Waiver (PDW) is a convenient and low-cost alternative to traditional trailer insurance that minimizes your financial responsibility to DMG for physical damage or theft of your rented trailer. If you purchase PDW and your rented trailer is damaged, destroyed or stolen in a covered incident, you will only have to pay the PDW deductible and not the entire cost to repair or replace the trailer. Additionally, purchasing PDW may prevent your insurance premiums from going up after a trailer is damaged, destroyed or stolen.

PDW is a simple and straightforward way of limiting your exposure for damage to your rented trailer.

Registration & FHWAs

Fuel Savings/CARB