Maintenance & Turn-ins
DMG offers its customers two maintenance options while renting or leasing trailers: Standard Maintenance and Net Maintenance.

 Standard Maintenance
DMG will perform or manage the maintenance required for the trailer at the DMG location. Our maintenance program covers the following items for the trailer during the rental: normal tire and brake replacement, inspections, light bulbs, door seals and other items related to normal wear. Damaged items will be replaced but will be the responsibility of the customer.

 Net Maintenance
Under the Net Maintenance option (required for rentals and leases), the customer assumes responsibility for performing the required maintenance on the trailer. There are no additional charges to your rental contract when a customer returns a trailer with aggregate tread/brake readings and condition that match those at pick-up. When the trailer is brought back with a lower tire or brake reading, DMG will charge you a flat amount per 1/32nd of tread depth or 1/8th of brake reading. All items needing repair on the trailer is the responsibility of the customer.