Business Overview


DMG differentiates itself from competitors based on the following competitive strengths and advantages:

  • Building Long-Term Customer Relationships (Customer Intimacy)
  • Offering a Nationwide Sourcing Network
  • Comprehensive Product Offerings
  • Knowledge of Market Based Needs
  • Consultative Marketing Approach
  • Flexibility/Response Cycle Time


DMG has built its reputation in the market place on the strength of three very measurable factors:

  • Conscious Flexibility
  • A Solution Oriented Approach
  • An Unyielding Pursuit of “The voice of the Customer”


Providing the right type of equipment along with the right quantities upon demand, whether for rent, lease or sale, is what DMG has identified and defined as one of its primary objectives. Accurate and interactive billing is instrumental in acquiring and maintaining additional market share. Conscious Flexibility has to be “Flexibility without a large premium”, and with its achievement comes a fresh and exciting focus on DMG and how we rent, lease, sell & manage trailers.


Leasing is not a feasible solution for every company. It depends on their philosophy, focus and what their current and future applications are. Through vertical integration and a Top-Down selling approach, DMG has adopted the “Consultative Sales” approach to identifying and solving our customers’ requirements. Consultative Sales involves the identification & resolution of challenges, which allows us to better manage the relationships with our customers. Learning as much about our customer’s business processes via research and strategic partnerships, DMG has positioned itself to fully develop creative solutions and streamline single sourcing objectives our customers’ desire.

Maximizing the “Consultative Sales” approach and leveraging industry relationships are the key drivers for customer retention, market penetration and long-term industry success for DMG.


Successful organizations of tomorrow are those that recognize today’s service revolution and are fully prepared to meet the challenge with the highest levels of service. DMG constantly strives to be this type of company. Quality programs and service oriented resources such as our 1-800-Service Recovery lines and On-Line customer surveys keep the lines of communications open with our customers; allowing us to clearly hear and interpret The Voice Of The Customer.