About Us

Trailer Availability
Our trailer availability constantly changes. A good snapshot of our available trailers can be found under our inventory search feature on the homepage of our website.

Rentals offer the best option is you have short-term trailer needs. Our rental services provide you with maximum flexibility for occasional and seasonal needs.

Leasing is a great option if you are a frequent renter and/or keep trailers for an extended amount of time. Leasing a trailer reduces your utilization costs compared to short-term renting. For most companies, leasing some portion of your fleet and renting the rest provides a great solution to maximize utilization and bottom line.

New Trailers
New Trailers provide maximum reliability and minimum maintenance costs. DMG offers new high quality trailers from a variety of manufactures. Please contact us for purchasing options.

Buy Used
DMG sells over 500 trailers annually. If you are in need of a used trailer, call us today!

Sell Your Trailers to Darda Management
DMG also purchases quality used trailers. If you are looking to sell your trailers, please give us a call.